Tips to secure wordpress website

How to secure a WordPress Website?

The most wise step to begin with security of WordPress website is choose a good host company for the website. All might think that their host is the safe one until something falls apart leading to a drawback in the website.

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Wordpress Site Maintenance

What Steps Should You Take To Maintain Your WordPress Site?

To have a clean and smooth security, performance and functions of the website, WordPress maintenance services is a must. Hence, we dive into the details of handling the WordPress Websites.

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App clips


Living in a digital era, humans revolve around 24*7. Want to reach somewhere, order food, order clothes, read books, educational sources, hold corporate meetings, have a stylist, connect with people around or at a distance, etc

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Edge Computing

Everything You Need to Know About Edge of Computing

Whenever any technological term becomes popular, it creates a buzz in the tech world. Even though many people are unaware of it. Such a thing happened a few years ago, cloud computing became the buzzword on everyone’s lips. As soon as the people started to know about that, in came…

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Latitude Technolabs Private Limited Named a Top Mobile App Developer

Here at Latitude Technolabs, we know how hard it is to develop your own mobile app from scratch. Whether you’re running a startup, managing a business, or starting a side-hustle, you likely take the time, resources, and expertise to build your idea from the ground up.

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Odoo 101
clutch awarded Latitude Technolabs

Latitude Technolabs Private Limited Recognized as Top Developer in Switzerland

Here at Latitude Technolabs Private Limited, we thank Clutch for recognizing our effort and for this award. We are proud to be recognized by Clutch with a 4.8.-star rating!

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ADA Compliance Website

ADA Compliance for Websites: Protect Your Digital Home

In simple definition, it is to make your website easily accessible to users with disabilities. Your site is ADA compliant if it meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG.2) standards referenced earlier. There are several levels of compliance-A, AA, AAA-but at least try to meet Level A standards.

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Angular Development

Angular Development: Compelling Features, Benefits and Applications

With the final release of Angular 8.0, here’s a roundup of the major features, benefits and applications of Angular.

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React Native Apps

Empowering Businesses With React Native Apps – Hype or Hope?

The business of eCommerce exhibiting a healthy year-over-year sales growth has left the brick-and-mortar companies in awe, as the physically buying seems to have decreased and mobile apps are taking over the online buying game.

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