How to secure a WordPress Website?

//How to secure a WordPress Website?

How to secure a WordPress Website?

WordPress Websites are an integral part of companies or individual bloggers. There have often been complaints about lack of secure WordPress websites. It is one of the top Content Management Systems. However, there are hackers and security intruders waiting with a keen eye for your WordPress website vulnerabilities to grow in order to invade the security. The type of work or content does not matter for the hackers to stop or continue their hacking. Your website being hacked should not be a shock if you are taking steps to secure your WordPress website. Let us dive into some important steps to secure the WordPress website.


Good Hosting companies should be picked

The most wise step to begin with security of WordPress website is choose a good host company for the website. All might think that their host is the safe one until something falls apart leading to a drawback in the website.

Good Hosting companies should be picked

A good host is which provides multiple layers of security binded with reliability and fast speed. Good hosts are expensive so being the owner you might fall for cheaper hosts assuming that the remaining amount could be invested somewhere else. But think before you act. Initially, the cheaper host might serve you well but then gradually it won’t sustain longer. Once the website starts getting weak, your data will be erased and the URL will guide you to an unwanted direction.

Empty your pocket a little more if you wish to have a long term secure WordPress Website. On top of the entire security set that It provides, it is also a great push in the speed.

While you get confused for who to choose as the host for the website, Latitude Technolabs Pvt Ltd. is associated with many good hosting companies which can provide the best stability as a host. High-end security, speed of the website and affordable price are showcased at this company. Experts are available at any hour with quickest possible solutions.

Avoid using Nulled themes

Avoid using Nulled themes

Nulled themes are the same as pirated CDs. It serves you the same thing but with low quality and no guarantee of safety increasing the WordPress Security vulnerabilities. When nulled themes or cracked themes fail to perform they can damage your data and login credentials.

WordPress provides premium themes giving a professional look to the website. They are expensive but they secure the WordPress websites from any other virus or unwanted hacking. Premium themes allow customisation and are equipped to pass the multi-layered security checks.

They are coded by highly skilled developers and provide 100% support and maintenance services if anything goes or wrong in the WordPress website.

Premium themes cost a bit more than the nulled themes but it will save you from the later damage.

Strong Passwords are compulsory


“Create a strong password with more than 12 characters including numbers and symbols.” You often receive this notification while you create your WordPress website login password or email if log in password. This is a very important step you need to take care of. Stronger your password, less chances of getting hacked.

Form strong and lengthy passwords. Keep changing them frequently to avoid hackers guessing them. Avoid having special dates and names as passwords. They are easy to crack through which hackers can easily make way to the website.

People opt for long phrases as their passwords which gets way easier to remember and helps secure the WordPress Website. Suggested passwords with an abrupt bunch of letters, numbers, figures and symbols are also strong.

Password managers create strong lengthy passwords for you considering the importance of security. Not only do they create the passwords, they also put them into safe vaults which makes it easy for the creator to remember it. Secure vaults act like the safety bank lockers. They preserve things without any fear.

Disable the editing mode

There might be more than one person to have access to your WordPress website. So to avoid WordPress security vulnerabilities in editing, turn off the editing mode. More the edits are unknown, the bigger the problem.

When the website is being set up there exists a code editor which should be put off once the website is live. It allows users to edit the themes and plugins. If in case the hackers come in contact with your website then they can easily edit the theme files or plugins. The changes will be so thin that you won’t realise it until it damages the whole system.

If the editing is not allowed then no one will be able to change or edit any themes or plugin, not even the colleagues.

Keep changing the WP-login URL

Websites are easy to hack when the login URLs are easy to crack. To avoid the brute attackers in the website, changing the URL frequently is a good option. It is very easy to change the URL login by using plugin named WP- Hide login.

1- Another way for the intruders to attack is when you accept a lot of subscription accounts, you may get trapped into several spam emails and registrations also.

2- factor authentication can be added to the WordPress to prevent it from the hackers. Such advanced features help the site prevent from multiple spammers and hackers.

Such small steps are highly beneficial for preventing the website from unwanted entities. Hackers and spammers come uninvited hence, you need to be prepared with the prevention tool kit to stop them.

Control the login attempts


A WordPress website open to having multiple attempts to login invites hackers themselves. Users should always take care to limit the login attempts.

Putting open the several attempts to login might help the users to enter in even while they frequently forget the passwords. Limiting the number of attempts to login prevents any virus or hackers as after a certain time the user gets blocked.

The hacker will have to break the time limit code and then enter the WordPress website which becomes a tedious process. Anyhow, the process of restricting the attempts makes it easy for the user to save their website from the unwanted intruders.

Keep you websites updated

Every WordPress website receives notifications regarding it’s updated versions. Considering the importance to delete the bugs entering in, the website constantly needs to be updated.

The minor updates take place automatically and the major ones have to be updated by going to the website settings.

Along with the website, the plugins and themes also have to be updated. These updates are meant to fix the bugs which destroy the data or slow down the system. Majority hackers rely on the fact that users are barely bothered to update the website hence, they would enter via bugs or non-updated systems.

While you stay updated you are preventing your website from getting into the hold of hackers and pre approved loopholes.

Plugins have to be separately updated by going to the plugins sections on the dashboard.

WordPress websites are developed in a way that they are capable of rolling out the updates by themselves. Emails will be notified on the screen regarding the new updated version.

If your website has been hacked or you need to have a security check then feel free to contact Latitude Technolabs.

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