Top 20 React Libraries and Frameworks to Look Out for in 2023

React is an open source JavaScript library which is mainly used for the top interface of web and mobile apps. It combines conveniently with other libraries and JavaScript frameworks. Components are tiny, standalone bits of code in React. It incorporates conveniently with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Components are not app-specific or dependent. It means professionals can easily reuse components to make good applications. Here we will discuss about top react libraries and frameworks.

Best 20 React Libraries and Frameworks to Consider:

Ant Design for React:

This library is a design system for enterprise level products. Based on the Ant Design project, it contains a set of high quality components for making rich interactive UIs. Moreover, the components include internationalization support for many languages.

Professionals can customize the component as per the design specification. For style language, it uses Less.js. It also includes icons, grids, buttons, breadcrumb, pagination.

React Admin

This framework is very suitable for business to business admin apps. It is also built with a number of well-known projects in addition to react:material UI, Redux and React final form.

There is also an enterprise solution with a free version in addition. It includes pro support from Marmelab and access to private modules.


MUI is branded as Material-UI and it has thousands of starts on GitHub. This component relies on React but also uses Google’s Material Design.


App bars, badges, auto complete are some of the wide range of helpful components available in material UI react. It also puts forward React templates and themes that help in getting a custom color theme for the application.

Argon Design System React:

This library offers a free design system for Bootstrap 4, Reactstrap and React. There are 100 modern and gorgeous elements which are implemented in fully-functional code. There are pre-built example pages along with a handful of variations on styles, colors and like components.

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Semantic UI:

Semantic UI applies human-friendly HTML to the development process. Moreover, it has integrations with Angular, React, Ember and Meteor. The entire jQuery functionality has been re-implemented in React. Moreover, developers can load a semantic UI CSS theme on top of the Semantic UI React Application.

Onsen UI:

This is another one of the important react libraries. Onsen UI is good for implementing cross-platform mobile apps. It uses HTML 5 and JavaScript and provides integration with React, Vue.js and Angular. The entire components are auto-styled and use the same source code for Android and iOS while supporting them.

It is also compatible with many other React frameworks which are popular. With no JavaScript behavior, the component library enlists pure CSS.


There are two primary distribution versions of Reactstrap. One is the basic version that does not include optional dependencies. It gives more flexibility in configuring the required dependencies.

React Bootstrap

The second one is the full version that includes all the optional dependencies. It will be recommended for small apps. This library is another collection in the React UI component library.


The ease and scalability during development is another plus point of choosing hybrid mobile app development. Professionals can easily add new features or functionalities to the app without disturbing the entire codebase.

These components are mobile-ready. First of all set up a simple app with React and then import the Belle component.

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The list of top React Native libraries would be incomplete without PrimeReact. It offers components to cover almost all basic interface requirements like menus, messages, data presentation and input options.


There are many templates and themes available. It will allow you to choose between flat and material designs with customization. In this library, there are touch-optimized responsive design elements that make it a mobile friendly library.


KendoReact is a premium set of components with a license of cost $799. Professionals can use it to create fast and feature rich apps with a seamless user interface.

This component ensures zero dependencies and all of the components are fully optimized. The component set is majorly for React development. One can simply add the existing component library from KendoReact. There is no requirement for rewriting the whole library.

Arco Design:

This includes assets for a number of different platforms. It also includes a set of 60+ React UI components. The component includes an extensive set of design tokens which are written in TypeScript.


Rebass offers a collection of pre-built UI components that are easy to integrate into your React projects. It helps you achieve a polished and visually coherent design effortlessly.

There are only 8 foundational components in this library. These components are themeable and developed for responsive web design. This component uses a styled system and serves as a great starting point.


Grommet is an open-source design system and component library created to assist developers in building modern and visually appealing user interfaces (UIs) for web and mobile applications. Grommet is designed to prioritize ease of use, consistency, and accessibility, making it a valuable resource for developers who want to create polished and user-friendly UIs efficiently. This is one of the terms among React libraries. 

Elemental UI:

Elemental UI is a versatile and user-friendly UI design framework that simplifies the process of building elegant and responsive web interfaces. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, this framework offers a wealth of resources to streamline your UI development workflow. 


React-MD is a popular open-source library designed to simplify and enhance the process of creating responsive and accessible user interfaces (UIs) in React applications. It is a comprehensive UI framework that provides a wide range of pre-built components, styles, and functionality to help developers build modern web applications.



ReactDesktop is a framework that aims to facilitate the development of cross-platform desktop applications using the React JavaScript library. It provides a set of tools and components designed to create native-like desktop applications with a user interface that closely resembles traditional desktop software.


Evergreen is a versatile and comprehensive design system and component library that empowers developers and designers to build elegant and user-centric web applications with ease. Developed and maintained by Segment, Evergreen offers a range of ready-made UI components and design guidelines, making it an excellent choice for creating polished and consistent user interfaces.

React Suit:

React Suite is a comprehensive and versatile UI library designed to simplify the process of building elegant and user-friendly web applications using react. Whether you’re developing a simple website or a complex web app, React Suite offers a rich set of pre-designed components and features to help you create polished and responsive user interfaces.



React Admin is a comprehensive framework designed to make the creation of powerful administrative interfaces a straightforward and efficient process. Whether you’re managing content, users, or any other data within a web application, React Admin provides the essential building blocks to construct feature-rich, customizable, and responsive admin panels with ease.

React Bootstrap:

Like other React libraries, React Bootstrap is an open-source library that combines the power of React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, with the Bootstrap framework’s CSS styling and pre-designed UI components. It provides a set of reusable React components that are styled using Bootstrap’s CSS, making it easier for developers to create responsive and visually appealing web applications.

Wrap up:

So now you have a list of the fastest growing React components. Each library has its own value and functionality. A react developer should be well aware of these libraries and must understand them before moving forward on the project. Happy coding!