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CEO and CTO Mr Jay Vasdewani has helped Latitude Technolabs steer well through competition and place itself in the top layer of the IT Domain. With over 12 years of expertise in IT software & services and In-depth knowledge of Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Cloud Development, Testing Methodologies and Services, SDLC Methodologies (Agile/Scrum) & Implementation, AWS architecture design and development (Cloud Computing) he understands the importance of data and analysis for decision-making. His excellence in logical approach, requirements analysis, and fundamental assumption of final product deliverable is one of the most valuable factors behind the projects' robust and sustainable wrapping up.

The Managing Partner, Mr Rajasekaran,

is a self-proclaimed geek and has been a key member of numerous engineering firms with a knack for creating wildly successful Blockchain-based business models and e-commerce platforms. Rajasekaran stays updated on the latest IT industry trends, frequently leveraging his extensive knowledge and skill in the industry to remain ahead of the competition, accurately anticipating trends even before they emerge. His extensive knowledge of programming languages and exceptional software development abilities complement his communication skills. His guidance leaves a different impact on the process and leads to the ultimate destination that is expected by the client. He knows well the use of knowledge in the correct way.

The Managing Director of Latitude Technolabs, Gnanasekaran Yogarajah, is enthusiastic about leveraging technology for good, especially digital solutions that are life-saving, life-changing, or problem-solving. During his studies, he began developing iOS apps and later worked as a web developer, software developer, database specialist, and project manager for different information technology firms. He created a smart contract solution for title registration on the open-source blockchain Multichain, based on Bitcoin and Bitcoin core. Since 2016, he has served as the CDO of Gira Financial Group AG.