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    Steps to Hire React Native Developer

    Step 1
    Request Validation

    We begin our project by defining your requirements, goals and technical aspects.

    Step 2
    Size Skills Requirements

    Once we know the project size and the skills you are looking for, we will shortlist our talents to cater for your needs well.

    Step 3
    Resource interview

    We will give full leverage to you to choose the best react native professional according to your requirements.

    Step 4
    Resource Alignment

    After the selection of the final candidate we will arrange a dedicated resource that fulfills your needs well.

    Expertise of Our React Native Developers

    React Native App Development

    With the React Native development service, you can benefit from enhanced UI building blocks as cross-functional apps. Our react native developers have expertise with cutting-edge technology and can assist you in creating beautiful Android and iOS apps.

    React Native UI/UX Development

    Our talented developers can create immersive and visually stunning UIs for your React Native apps using the JavaScript Library. Our React Native development team effectively develops a visually appealing and intuitive framework that improves user engagement.

    React Native Customization

    We take pride in providing end-to-end React Native solutions that include designing UIs, prototyping, and building iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications. Our developers have extensive experience in providing the right approach for customize.

    React Native Testing

    Our highly dedicated React native developers are experts in using Unit Testing and Automated Testing to monitor the custom mobile applications from every perspective and ensure that they are bug-free and run smoothly without any breaking features.

    React Support & Maintenance

    Apart from developing high-quality applications, we are still known as the best service provider in React native support and maintenance. Our React Native developers provide you with early-stage problem detection and immediate solutions.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    The majority of apps require a payment gateway to buy products directly from the app. Our developers have the desired expertise and experience in integrating a third-party payment gateway into your app so that customers can perform secure online transactions.

    WHY Should You Hire React Native Developers in India?

    At Latitude, our React Native developers strive to implement the most effective business practices, so reach out to our developers and produce a slew of innovative ideas. Gain our assistance in getting your React Native app into motion by strategizing decision-driven business objectives for app development through scalable engagement models.

    Experienced React Native Developers

    We have a team of experienced React Native developers with years of industry experience. Our developers combine their experience and expertise to meet specific business objectives.

    On-Time Delivery

    Our React Native developer team is well-known for meeting project deadlines. The developer team is skilled enough to deliver the project on time and with unrivaled commitment.

    Security and IP Protection

    With advanced security criteria and IP protection, we keep our workstations secure. As a result, we guarantee your complete safety.

    QA Tested & Bug Free Solutions

    Our developers employ unit testing wherever possible and will also do testing on actual phones whenever possible.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We work to keep customer loyalty at the forefront of our minds. We ensure those client goals are met at any stage of the development process through our React Native development services.

    Case Study

    “Get Insight of Our Previous Work showcase to Analyses Our Dimensions of Talent”

    React Native Professional working
    Interview questions to ask when hire react native developer.
    Explain Different Threads In React Native With Their Usage

    JavaScript thread: This thread will execute the main JavaScript code. Shadow thread: It is a background thread that calculates the layout. This layout is created using the React library in the React Native framework. MAIN/UI thread: The primary application thread that runs the iOS and Android mobile apps. It can change the user interface of the application.

    Difference Between React JS And React Native:

    Routing mechanism: There is an in-built navigator library in the react native for navigating mobile apps Scope: React Native framework is useful for developing applications with a native feel. ReactJS is mainly useful for creating responsive user interfaces for web applications.

    Explain Performance Issue In React Native:

    Poor performance in React Native is mainly due to fast threads. A good developer will know and explain the major reason which is passing components from one thread to another beyond the need. Developers also need to tell the correct solution for this problem by saying keeping the passes over the bridge to the minimum significantly lowers performance.

    Brief Introduction About Redux

    A skilled developer should know that Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. Redux also helps developers to write apps that run in different environments. Within a single container, the complete app data flow is handled.

    What Is Memory Leak In React Native?

    Memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when the app incorrectly manages memory allocation. React Native framework attaches each JS module scope to the root object. The module declares variables kept in the main scope. So memory leaks will be prevented when such variables retain other objects.

    Our FAQ'S.

    Our leading IT solutions hold value on the international market. We cultivate smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned players.

    Answer: React native developers must have a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They should also be well experienced with iOS, Windows, APIs, testing and debugging.


    You can analyze the React Native developer’s expertise by their profiles, past work experience and the projects they worked on. We enable our clients to communicate with our project managers who understand your requirements well.

    Answer: React Native App development cost depends on various factors such as the development platform, App categories, App complexity, developer’s rate, and several features you need to incorporate your app with.

    Answer: Of course, React Native builds a hybrid mobile application for your business. With the help of this hybrid technology, you can make totally native apps.

    Answer: Share your requirements online or via Skype.

    Talk to our business development head about the hiring process.

    We will make you talk to the head of the React Native department.

    Discuss initial project details.

    Hire a team or developer (signing NDA is compulsory).

    Choose from the hiring plan.


    Teamwork is always better than single-handed creativity. Though we always take care while hiring our employees, and it is in our best interest to employ experienced and excellent React Native developers. Still, a team makes better output as more brains work on a similar project.

    Answer: React Native uses shared elements, allowing the quick creation of native-packed Android and iOS applications. Hence, it is very good for your app.

    Answer: Yes, we provide a free trial period of one week.

    Answer: You can track the progress of the project by contacting the project manager. We have a good strategy to offer every data to our clients about the project progress.

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