Case Study

Bus Time London

The travelling application gives TFL timetable and travel information to all the localite and traveller who visit London.

Project Abstract

The core objective of this travelling application is to provide a hassle-free transportation bus service to the people of London or who wish to visit London. Bus Time London is the ultimate travel app that provides live tracking of the buses. This transit application gives you the exact information about the bus services in London. It is an easy to use, ad-free bus countdown app that notifies you when your next bus will arrive at any bus stop in London using the real-time data directly from TFL.

More Details

Category: Travel industry

Platform: Android/iOS

Language support: English

Technology used:  Google Font API/ Java/JavaScript/ PHP/ MySQL

About The Clients Requirement

The basic need of our client is to make this navigation application more useful for the end-user. According to the client, the application should possess live tracking and be capable of offering the exact information of the bus in London along with the nearby bus stop. Overall, the main concept of this bus tracking application is to make the bus service convenient for the user but the client was not meeting the exact solution to bring the application to that level. The design layout of the application also needs to be crafted into a unique one to beat the competition. This compels him to seek a reputed app development company. The application needs to be present on the Android and iOS platforms as well.

Our Challenges

Our App Developers faced many Challenges while developing the App

Solution We Provide

At the initial stage, the expert app development team of Latitude Technolabs understands the basic principles of the application and clients’ needs as well. After a thorough study, the app development team integrates the prime features in the application. Some of them are as follows.

  • Transport For London (TFL):  This is the official London Bus board that offers Live information about the Bus in London. The user can easily fetch the updated information by accessing it. 


  • Augmented Reality View: This feature is available for iOS 11 that guides you to your bus stop. This will place a walking like on the top of real-world streets that could prevent the wrong way. The AR feature enables the user to find the right route.  


  • Playlist: This is a brand new addition to iOS 11. A user could create personalized soundtracks for each trip. Each playlist is suitable for the length and route of the journey. The playlist will consist of songs that are inspired by the location, landmarks and names of the bus stop.


  • Live Arrival and number plates: The user could get insight into the arrival board via searching or simply tap on the bus stop in the map view. Alternatively, the number plate information will let you catch the right bus. 


  • My Account Feature: Using this feature, the user can get insight into the Oyster card balance within the application. 


  • Finding Bus: Using the real-time bus journey planner, it is easy to get detailed information about the bus and its route. The developers integrate the alert concept that notifies the user about his or her desired bus stop.


Finally, the team created a design prototype to comprehend the App’s functionality fully. The client gave a green light, and the project went ahead. Along with the Android app development, the team has also focused on iOS app development. 

Final Outcome

This Bus time London App was developed, tested, and delivered within the given timeline. The team is actively involved in the live support as of now. The client has provided positive feedback and shared the experience and journey while working with Latitude Technolabs, a leading app development company. It has more than 5 million downloads and is listed in the top 5 free navigation apps.


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