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Hosta a.i. Project

Hosta is the prime platform for onsite property assessment.
It is an AI technique-oriented through which users can assess the property through images.

Project Abstract website offers every minute detail of the property. Through this platform, the user could grab the property assessment through images in the AI concept. It’s a new AI property technical platform. The working scope of the website is in the USA, Canada and Berlin. The user could get an insight into any property and know the price of different parameters. The real estate website also enables you to grab property images in AI view. is available for residential and commercial properties. It will give better visualization to justify your decision.

More Details

Category: Artificial Intelligence

Language support: English

Technology used: React | Nodejs | Python | ServerAWS | WordPress

About The Clients Requirement

The client wants this website to be super-efficient for the end-users. He wants to grab all the unique features that enhance the core object. A highly custom-made platform was his expectation. He demands to add the best AI techniques so that the end-user could get insight into the property exceptionally. His expectation was very close to the user-centric concept. An easy interface was also a part of his desire in website development project.

Our Challenges

Our website developer’s team met many challenges. However, we decided to overcome them. Some of the issues are as follows.

Solution We Provide

After analysis of the client’s requirements, the react developer’s team made a roadmap of the stages of the project development. To come out clean on the demands, we include the following features.

Get Started:
The get started option will offer you a demo. You need to input all the basic details to request a demo.

Add property:
Through this feature, it is easy to add property. The details will be added based on various units like ceiling, wall, and floor of any particular properties section. Similarly, the user could fetch the details in the same manner.

Assessments Product overview:
The user can view the property by taking technical measures.

Request image:
The user only needs to tap on the request image to get the image of any property.

Secure cloud platform:
This feature is for sensitive images and data. It offers security, scalability and reliability.

Configurable API:
It makes it possible to embed Hosta’s room image analysis. Also, it automates output directly into the existing workflows.

Pricing Overview:
There are pre-packaged prices for the common customers. Additionally, there is a flexible custom price option.

This solution is to empower the insurance industry with AI and spatial analytics technology.

Download report:
The user only needs to download the report, carry all the details to save it in the system.

Request a call:
Users can request the call back through the contact us page.

Final Outcome

At last, our efforts in this website development project brought a fruitful result. offers a unique way with AI technology incorporation. The website gives a great visualization and insight into the properties. The designer team fuses ultimate graphics in the website to enhance the user interface and experience. This property website enables the user to get information about the property.


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