Case Study

PlayDecks Case Study

The main purpose of this application is to upgrade the singing talents of kids and other music lovers by rewriting popular songs.

Project Abstract

PlayDecks platform is dedicated to kids and music lovers who want to enhance their singing talent. Using this music platform, the user could rewrite the song. It consists of minor chords and major chords. The user can also create songs of his or her choice with the help of changing the chord. This website enables the consumer to use the dec as Flashcards or rewrite popular songs. Ultimately, this platform is also for those who had never touched the piano before and had a music composition dream.

More Details

Category: Entertainment

Language support: English

The technology used: Objective C| PHP | MySQL | JavaScript

PlayDecks platform image

About The Clients Requirement

The main expectation was to bring the platform as a perfect combination of learning and entertainment one. Using this platform, the user could create the songs while learning the chords and musical notes. There was a need for a high-grade platform based on the latest technologies. Overall, the platform needs to be like a guide as well that tells the users how to make the songs of their own.

Our Challenges

The challenges for the team were not limited here. Our developer’s face the following difficulties.

Solution We Provide

Working on the project, we optimized and added some extra features to make it an eminent platform. The team delved into the work to bring the correct solution for the client. We have added and worked on the following attributes to convert the client’s expectations into a reality.


User profile: This section is for the user to make the profile. Once the sign-up part is over, the user could get an insight into the various features of the platform. It is a customized feature where the user can change the details.

Start: This part consists of tutorial videos for the user to get familiar with the platform. 

Decks: This section will present all the songs that were composed by the user. There is a minor deck for the minor keys and a major deck for the major keys. 

PlayDecks Composer: This section will help the user in song composition with the help of chords, inversions and other premium files. A user could start building a song with the specific song name, key, key type and tempo.

Blocks: The blocks option will help the user to find the chords related to any song. Later on, the user could make its own.  Additionally, users could find the chord of any song simply by entering the song name and artist name.

Skills section: This part consists of two subcategories: Train Me and Test Me. The Train Me option will train the user with different notes. The Test Me option will enable the user to choose the plan for availing of the service. 

Besides, the above features, our team also put the effort into the design structure and content optimization. The UI/UX part has been made simple yet effective for user convenience. 

Final Outcome

The ultimate output was a gratifying one from the client point of view. The project was as per the clients’ needs. The final platform consists of all the attributes, that are crucial to make it a world-class platform for music lovers. The PlayDecks website was ready within the time limit. The outlook is capable enough to gain the attention of the users. Using this application, the user could compose the song of the choice. It has been implemented for the user’s benefit to enhance the skills with fun.



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