Case Study


UCPlaces provides a real-world experience to the university tour, tourism industry. Moreover, the user could use the podcast in the application to grab the information through audio.

Project Abstract

The main object of the UCPlaces application is to provide a real-world experience during the tour. It is handy and applicable for the university tour, tourism industry, and where to live tour. The user could read the introduction part and get insight into the information. It also includes a podcast to convey the audio words about the place. The application enables the user to create, sell or share the guided tour in many languages on any subject. This application is also beneficial for lead generation and grabbing buyers.

More Details

Category: Travel

Platform: Android and iPhone/iPad

Language support: English

Technology used: Android Studio/JAVA| MySQL | JavaScript | Polymer Framework

About The Clients Requirement

The need of the client was mainly a user-centric one. He needs to make a beneficiary application that guides every tour with a real-world experience rather than a virtual one. Other than that, he needs to make an application that provides all the details in written and audio as well. The clients demand also includes highly customized applications where the user is free to create a tour on any subject. The demand for multi-language support was also on the list. Moreover, he also wants the application to be useful for the leads.

Our Challenges

Our developers faced several challenges while developing the app. Some of them are as follows:

Solution We Provide

Based on the client need and the application scope, the development team of Latitude Technolabs outline the desirable solution. After the hard work, our team incorporates many handy attributes that are as follows.

User profile: The initial step to access the application is to make a profile. The user needs to sign-up and verifies the account. After that, log in to access the application.

Search bar: The search bar makes it easy for the user to navigate on a particular tour. The developer team incorporates this feature for user convenience.

Filter option:The filter option is available to filter out the tour based on the specific need/concept. It includes multiple tour options like car, bicycle, walking and favourite.

Podcast:The podcast has been incorporated in every tour to convey introductory words about the tour.

 Multi-language: The application is available in different languages like German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, French and Spanish, and English as well.

Augmented Reality: Through the AR option, the user could take a picture for making a tour. The images can be taken gallery or via camera directly. This enhances the real-world experience, one of the major needs in the project.

Guiding: In the guiding column, you will be able to get all guidance on the use of the application.

Integration of GPS: The Google Map API concept will pick the location where the user exists. This will also trigger the point of interest. The accessing of audio and media files is also made easy with this strategy.

Selling tour facility: The user could sell the tour through this application. Ultimately, it will help in generating the leads.


Apart from this, the team has also focused on the designing part. The overall outlook has been developed with great graphics to enhance the User-Interface and User-Experience. As per the client’s need, the app was implemented for both platforms. So, along with Android app development, iOS app development was also considered.

Final Outcome

Finally, the client got a satisfactory solution that comes out clean on the needs. The milestone of crafting the highly beneficiary application has been achieved by the team. This tour application consists of AR technology to meet the real world experience objective. The application is available on the Google Play Store and App store as well. It now has 100,000+ installations.



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