Angular Development: Compelling Features, Benefits and Applications

//Angular Development: Compelling Features, Benefits and Applications

Angular Development: Compelling Features, Benefits and Applications

JavaScript is emerging the way mobile apps and web being built, as it is one of the most dominant technologies of the modern world. This technology influences the cross-platform ionic platform and it has been used to build some of the most powerful web apps.

Angular Overview

Angular is by far one of the finest front end frameworks for development of web application and dynamic web pages. Angular has a long history of version updates. Angular comes with its versatile and elegant set of resources which come in handy both for development of high-loaded web apps and simple websites.

Angular combines dependency injection, end to end tooling, declarative templates, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges easiest way possible. Angular is written in pure JavaScript was intended to decouple an application’s logic from DOM manipulation, and aimed at dynamic page updates. Many popular code editing products support Angular. The most common ones accepted by the community include Sublime text, Visual Studio Code.

angular trendThe most popular client-side technology is Angular and React. The community of developers using Angular are always waiting for all the periodic updates that Angular comes up with. Recently, Angular come with its latest version which consists of a much talked about renderer – Ivy. With the final release of Angular 8.0, here’s a roundup of the major features, benefits and applications of Angular.

Features of Angular

  • CLI: Command Line Interface (CLI) probably the most beloved feature in Angular can create a project, add files, and perform a various development tasks such as bundling, testing, and deployment. CLI not only improve code quality but also significantly facilitates development.
  • Organized Code: Angular organizes code into buckets, whether it is directives, components, or services. Angular makes easy to distribute work across different team members while maintaining organized code.
  • Ivy Renderer: Ivy Renderer translates app’s components and templates into JavaScript code that’s displayed by a browser. Characteristic of the Ivy Renderer is tree shaking technique in which Ivy removes unused code to make it clearer and smaller, as a result, web apps load faster.
  • Effortless Experience: With its latest update, to make migration from AngularJS to Angular as smooth as possible for developers, Angular 8.0 offers a unified location service.

Built-in data streaming, type safety, and a CLI are hallmarks of what makes Angular such a great framework. Angular helps the largest technology companies manage their enterprise applications, with commitment from Google, now is a better time than ever to hire Angular Developers.

Benefits of Angular

  • Lightweight Codebase
  • Easy integration into existing libraries
  • Dependency injection and easy testing practices
  • Responsive HTML components
  • Two way data binding
  • Simplified MVVM (Model-View-View Model)
  • Flexible development

Angular Imperfections

  • Well-written documentation with step-by-step instructions saves time and makes the process of development even easier. While the documentation for the framework gets updated, it still needs some improvement.
  • Issues to speed up pages or to be indexed correctly by search engines in Angular.
  • Features such as dependency injections and factories could be problematic for the more traditional developers.

Popular Web Applications Built With Angular

angular apps

Moreover, we see, Angular in the future of enterprise-scale web applications.

Final Takeaway

Scalable, flexible, dynamic, and secure, are some of the key features at successful web app or website should fulfil. All these features and more can easily be attained with Angular Development. Not just we, even our Clients’ had a similar experience throughout the development process. We always aim to deliver exceptional and top notch web solutions to our Clients that satisfies their needs and expectations. And thanks to Angular, this doesn’t seem to be an impossible task.

At Latitude Technolabs Private Limited, we create high quality interactive websites and web apps by harnessing the power of Angular, in an incredibly short span of development time. Whether you are looking to migrate apps from AngularJS to Angular or web app to make it more dynamic or integrate Angular into your existing website or you are looking to create a finest app from scratch, we are the expert Angular development team for you.

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