Meet Our Backend Team


Rajesh Patel works on the Sr. level profile as a PHP developer. He could tackle any challenge that comes during the project development. He is dedicated to the work and completes any task with sincerity. He carries 8 years of experience in the development field and deep knowledge of technical concepts.

The technical key skills of Rajesh revolve around Node.JS, Angular, PHP, React Native, jQuery, CodeIgniter and Amazon Cloud search. His favourite games are cricket and carrom that he usually plays during his free time. His abundant experience in the IT industry brings the ultimate output.


As a developer, Ankit holds great experience and continuously enhances his skills. He worked on many projects. The lad is blessed with an innovative mind that helps in crafting the ultimate result. He is a member of the Latitude Technolabs team for a long time.  He grabs new technology quickly and applies the same in the workflow.

The key skills of Ankit are PHP, CakePHP, Node.JS, Socket.IO, Firebase, Express.js, next.js and Firestore. In his free time, he loves playing cricket and carrom with his friends. His main aim is to offer the best performance in the work.


Working as a PHP developer, Bhavesh is a skilled person who loves to implement unique apps and projects. He carries a good experience that reflects his skills. His quick learner capability gives rise to on-time project delivery. His main dream is to travel across the world. He follows smart and hard work combined to give the correct shape to the project.

Some of the key skills of Bhavesh are Laravel, PHP, CorePHP, CI and Node.JS. Apart from the technical world, he loves to play carrom and other games. Sometimes watching a movie is also a part of his free time.


Prahlad is a PHP developer who loves to play with codes an implement applications. Additionally, he holds good experience in the same. He is a skilled full person and gifted with an innovative mind. He loves challenges as those challenges enable him to learn new things.

He has been a part of the Latitude family for the last many years. His key skills are Laravel, PHP, Node.JS, jQuery, MySQL and CodeIgniter. Apart from coding, he loves to play chess and cricket. His leisure simply means watching movies.



Rahul Solanki is working as a Full Stack Developer, and he carries out good experience in the technical field. He has been a member of the Latitude family for a long time. Due to his abundant knowledge in coding, he could bring the desired outcome. Rahul put every effort to make the high-grade project. His works are quite outstanding.

His technical skills lie in Node.js, next.js, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB and MySQL. He spends his leisure time playing carrom and cricket with friends. He is quite ambitious in life and loves to grab new things while researching.

Rahul Solanki - Back end Developer


Ajay is a Sr. PHP developer who works with sincerity and dedication. He is a multitasking professional who can handle the project well. He is a good learner and always eager to learn new concepts with research. Ajay is an experienced developer with vast knowledge of the technology. He grabs and adapts the current technology very quickly.

The key skills of Ajay are Node.js,, Firestore, MongoDB, PHP, Laravel and jQuery. He loves playing cricket and watching movies in his free time. He is often referred to as a Silent guy, but his work speaks a lot.


Priti Karavadra is working as a PHP developer and is one of the talented employees of Latitude Family. She never misses an opportunity that lets her introduce new techniques. She also likes to take challenges as her challenges enhance her skills. While being a part of Latitude Technolabs for a long time, she has contributed a lot.

The key skills of Priti exist in PHP, CI, MySQL and Laravel. Apart from that, she loves to play indoor games with her friends and read books as well in her free time. With the integration of her experience, Priti brings the desired outcome.

Nikita led - Back end Devloper


Nikita is working as a PHP developer. She is dedicated to her work and known as a skilled developer. In addition to that, she is eager to learn new things in her work. She is talented and could tackle any issue. that’s why she loves taking challenges too during the project phase.

She has been working in Latitude Technolabs for a long time. The key skills of Nikita are Laravel, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript and Node.JS. She comes with brilliant skills that enhance her work quality. She could tackle any challenge and solve the problem as well.