How to use stripe connect for Marketplace App?

//How to use stripe connect for Marketplace App?

How to use stripe connect for Marketplace App?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to start a marketplace or E-Commerce site like Amazon, Etsy, Amazon, Airbnb, or Uber? Isn’t it exciting, but also frightening? Big technology-based enterprises are not like normal or “regular” firms. They are multidimensional and have several moving components.

One of their worst nightmares is “How to manage the payments?” The largest and scariest technical obstacle in payments is operating in several countries and handling different currencies with differential tax regulations and legislation. In many business situations, rather than paying via the platform, an individual pays the platform directly. The platforms deduct the share of the money received from the seller.

The only way to pull it off is to employ highly trained individuals to manage all payment scales, but it takes a lot of time and money. Despite this, there is still the possibility of making mistakes. Well! If you don’t want to face any difficulties collecting payments on a large scale, now is the time to understand the simplest way to facilitate payments; that is where the Stripe Connect marketplace comes in. You may now be wondering what Stripe Connect is all about and how you can get the most out of it. Don’t be scared! In this article, I’ll share Stripe connect in detail and explain how to set up a Stripe connect marketplace account without any trouble.

What is Stripe Connect?

Stripe Connect is a collection of APIs and tools for routing payments between beneficiaries, businesses, and consumers who need to be paid. It’s a massive and unbelievable process that’s perfect for both software platforms and markets. You won’t have to worry about making an accurate payment if you use Stripe Connect since it will make payouts to recipients on its own.

This robust money routing and payout engine allow you to keep track of the platform’s account balance. You may pay your clients straight to their bank accounts with one click using the Stripe Connect tool.

Let’s understand Stripe connect with an example

A consumer pays £30 for a taxi journey, Uber gets a 12% commission, and the taxi driver earns £26.40. Stripe Connect, an API-driven platform, provides the tools to allow this transfer of payments. To do this, we’ll use Stripe’s express accounts. Stripe will handle our users’ onboarding with an express account, including identity verification and basic account maintenance, while we retain complete control over everything else. In reality, the user’s connection with your platform continues to exist, rather than the user’s relationship with Stripe.

Types of Stripe Accounts

When you utilize Stripe Connect, each user that receives money on your platform must have their account (known as a connected account). When a user registers up for your platform, these accounts are created. In the Stripe integration, you’ll need to develop operational duties like chargebacks, customer support, and so on, all determined by the type of account you pick for your user. You can use Connect with one of three account types, each tailored to a certain use case. Let’s understand each account one by one.

1) Standard Account

It’s a standard Stripe account that belongs to its owner (the user of the platform). It’s preferred by people who wish to utilize direct charges but don’t want complete control over the customer experience. Customers with a Standard account may log in to the Dashboard, manage their payments, integrate their account to other platforms, and disconnect it from your marketplace.


  • A platform must be established fast and does not have much control over the user interface elements.
  • A user that is already operating an online business but with static web content, or a user who already has a Stripe account.
  • Who wants to utilize direct charges that are nothing but the price of a product or service and eliminate secondary costs, such as administrative charges or a kind of depreciation.
  • Prefer Stripe to contact the registered user directly if there are any difficulties with the account.

2) Express Account

An Express Stripe Account enables customers access to a two-page dashboard that allows them to manage their personal information and bank payments. However, this option allows Stripe to handle account onboarding, administration, and identity verification, giving you complete control over your customers’ experience.


  • To get started quickly, enabling Stripe to view every step of the vendor onboarding, administration, and client verification process.
  • If you want to utilize three charges: Direct, Regional, or Separate.
  • If you want to take control of the user experience.

3) Custom Account

A Custom Stripe Account allows you to gather any information you require and ultimately be liable for all user interactions. Stripe will not contact custom account holders directly since they do not have access to a Stripe Dashboard.


  • When the platform owner needs total control over the user interface.
  • When you analyze the data, you need from your clients, develop a user dashboard, and manage customer service.
  • Instead of contacting Stripe support, the user can communicate directly with the platform.
BasisStandard AccountExpress AccountCustom Account
Access to DashboardYes(Complete dashboard)YesNo
Integration MethodAPI/OAuthAPIAPI
User Support byPlatform and StripePlatform and StripePlatform
Suitable PlatformExperienced online businessesAny TypeWith substantial engineering resources to devote to a completely white labeled experience


The Final Takeaway

It’s easy to start a multi-platform business, but having a fantastic online mall isn’t enough; it must be well-managed, including the payment system. Stripe and Stripe Connect include all of the features you’re searching for in a payment gateway. It can be seamlessly integrated into the E-Commerce platform. Once you’ve signed up with Stripe, you’ll have access to a wide range of possibilities. It will assist you in growing and scaling your business to heights you never envisioned.
If you need support with Stripe Connect Or Planning to start your own marketplace, contact us for a free consultation.

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