iOS 16 Beta 2 Released: Check out What’s New?

Are you an iOS developer and hear about the latest update? The iOS 16 beta 2 is now available to install. As an excellent iOS developer it is crucial for you to remain updated with the latest concepts.

Therefore, we are unlocking all the crucial information about the iOS 16 update. Apple is delivering some advancements and tweaks in the second beta as compared to the first one. It is offering some user benefit features.

What's new in Apple iOS 16 beta 2?

Apple releases a new update in June every year. The new iOS update i.e. iOS 16 beta provides a complete good look. Earlier, they introduced iOS 16, but the version was full of bugs.

It came up with many new features including improved filtering in the messaging app, iCloud backups over LTE and new lock screen wallpaper.

iOS 16 beta 2 key features:


Now there are different lock screen options available. It includes a ‘photo lock screen option while choosing the personal focus. Another one is the data-rich lock screen option while choosing the work focus. To choose focus mode users need to swipe up the specific lock screen.


iOS 16 beta 2 message

Now there will be three big changes in the message features. It’s related to editing, marked as unread and unsend. These changes will be quite beneficial for the users. The visual elements will also help customize the emoji comprising new poses and hairstyles.

Remodeled Lock Screen:

It is one of the most crucial iOS 16 beta 2 changes. Now you will get a customized lock screen in terms of colours, fonts and size. There will be more than one lock screen with a unique widget and wallpaper. Users can easily switch between lock screens.

iCloud Backup Over LTE:

Earlier iPhone data backup was restricted to the cloud only with Wi-Fi connections. The iOS 15 allowed the backup over a 5G network. However, the iOS 16 beta 2 has given the backup facility while using the LTE network. The steps of backup are as follows.

Settings> users’ Apple ID> iCloud> iCloud Backup


There has been a tweak added to the way notifications appear. The notification will be now rolled in from the screen button that looks logical. Live Activities will also be a part of this new update. This approach will be helpful to follow the updates about workouts, games and Uber journey progress.


iOS 16 beta 2 wallet image

Apple has introduced an in-app ID verification feature to protect the user’s data. The feature needs age verification and identity from the users. Users can easily integrate the office key, home key or vehicle key via mail or WhatsApp.

Apple Pay:

The Apple Pay Later and Apple Pay Order Tracking are the two new features in this latest update. The Apple Pay Later is available in the USA only, and it is a process of doing payment in four equal payments over six weeks. The second option offers users receipt and order tracking information in wallets.

Safety Check:

People who suffer from home violence or something like that can use this feature. With this, they can give access to some people who monitor them. Users can easily reset system app privacy permission while restricting facetime.

Live Text and visual Lookup:

It is easy to add Live texts to images and videos. Users can easily copy or translate the text by pausing the video. The live text will provide fast access to tools and translation related to currency conversion.

There are many additional things and features in the iOS 16 beta 2. You can pick and paste the same into iMessage.


Scheduled sends and recollecting the sent texts are some new tools available in iOS 16 beta 2. It will detect the emails and inform users about the forgotten attachments. Moreover, if any recipient is not responding to any email, the new “reminder later” and follow-up features will urge the user to take action.

How to install iOS 16 developer beta 2?

If you want to accomplish iOS 16 download and install the newest update, then check the following. Initially, you need to know whether the device is compatible with the latest version or not. Later on, you can install the latest iOS version if you are an iOS developer. If you are not an iOS developer, then you must deal with many things in favour of Apple’s terms and conditions.
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