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Labour-Saving And Cost-Efficient IoT Solutions For Business Enterprises.


Enterprises are increasingly tapping in on IoT solutions and services to improve their efficiency and business models.

At Latitude, we offer IoT solutions and develop IoT mobile apps, which ease this endeavor, leading to better customer engagement and operational efficiency.

We make sure that app runs seamlessly on devices such as Android wear, Apple iwatch, and others.

Latitude has developed numerous app of which one was featured on CBS News, NY. We have also developed Beacon app in which the apps were connected to the hardware via Bluetooth for data transmission and these are just to name a few. Our team uses their expertise to provide the most efficient solutions to our clients.

Leveraging Technology to create innovation

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is the wireless technology standard used for exchanging data in short distance from one device to another. It helps connect many devices to each other like headset to car, mobile etc. It helps discover and set up of services between devices easier. BLE is the new version of bluetooth that has high energy efficiency.

Beacon Technology

Latitude helps design and develops outstanding beacon apps for android, iOS, and web platforms. Our proficient developers have mastered their craft and gained years of experience to execute the strategies to perfection. Beacon is generally used for making apps for resource tracking, effective navigation etc.

Wearable Technology

We deliver customer wearable app development solutions for various industries such as sports, health and fitness, and several others. As an experienced wearable app development company, we can provide you solutions precisely for your business needs. We make sure that app runs seamlessly on devices such as Android wear, Apple iwatch, and others.