NodeJS vs Golang: Which is better for backend web development?

There are a lot of different programming languages to choose for web development. Nodejs and Goland are one of them. Often professionals like to unlock the information based on the nodejs vs golang.

Goland is a statically-typed language which is easy to read and write. Moreover, it is fast and efficient which is ideal for large complex projects.

Node.js is another runtime language that runs JavaScript. It is a versatile language which can use for front-end and back-end development.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript Engine. It is mainly implemented for developing straightforward scalable network apps. It can run on Linux, Windows and MacOS platforms.

It enables full stack development ie front-end development and backend development. This feature makes Node.js a revolutionary web app programming language. According to the Tiobe index, JavaScript holds the 7th position and is a prevalent programing language.

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Achievement of Node JS

  • Netflix adopted Node JS and had a 70% of the startup time reduction
  • Approximately 1.5% of the web server use Node.js as per the W3Techs.

Advantages of Golang

  • There are an extensive collection of Node.js packages in open-source format. It makes development fast and easy.
  • js use Chrome’s V8 engine to interpret the code.
  • js has a single-threaded model with an event loop. The single-threaded program can accept multiple requests at the same time.
  • NodeJS library has non-blocking APIs. It means the server can move to the following API after calling one API.

What is Golang?

Golang was released in the year 2009. Like Node.js, it is also an open-source and cross-platform programming language. Google engineers develop this programming language to solve specific problems by combining strengths and eliminating other programming languages’ weaknesses.

Go is a high-efficiency programing language with similarities to C programing language. It is a clear programming syntax for maintaining code.

It has excellent garbage collection handling, built-in memory safety and dynamic interfaces. Go language makes writing code easy and efficient. Therefore, golang development is now days getting popularity.  


Achievements of Go Language:

  • Golang has secured 5th rank according to Stack Overflow Survey 2020.
  • As compared to threads, Goroutines have a faster start-up time. It helps in keeping the source code clean.

Advantages of Golang:

  • There is no need for an interpreter in Golang. Its non-complex set of code, make it easy to learn and implement.
  • There is excellent backward compatibility in Golang. It means the future version of Golang will be compatible with the current version.
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Go language was created with keeping scalability as a priority factor. It is perfectly suitable for scalability. Goroutines enable the easy execution of threads in a parallel manner. However, the work of web app development using Node JS is different.  

Simplicity and learning curve:

JavaScript is the most widely used programing language across the globe. It contains call back function and asynchronous programming language.

If the developer is not familiar with JavaScript then also becoming Node.js development is easy.

There is a huge JavaScript developer community and a wide range of courses available. It helps in learning the NodeJS easily.

Most of the backend developers like to use nodejs in their projects for this reason.

Development Tools:

The ready to use tools are quite handy for professional developers. NodeJS developers can access to over 836,000 open source libraries and tools through NPM. Here, the caring thing is the selecting of the right tool.

Golang does not offer a huge list of tools. There is a robust standard library. There is generally a restriction in the Golang tools. Developers can run a good series of tests on the code through Golang test.

Error handling

Talking about Go Language, error handling has a different approach. It checks error in distinct manner during compilation. Golang demands explicit error checking with the code lines. It results in flawless and better consistency.

In Node JS, the error handling can be inconsistent. Most of the developers are familiar with the error handling process of Node JS. It also offers more clear error handling than Golang with the common throw-catch handling technology. Most of the developers are familiar with this technology.


Performance can affect the app’s CPU load time and average response time. Here we will analyse the nodejs vs golang performance.

Real Life performance:

Single-threaded Node.js is the best improvement and the single-threaded thing that boosts efficiency. The V8 JavaScript engine also ensures that the app will deliver real-time performance without any interpreter.


It is easy to find all sorts of tools for Node JS development. The JavaScript community has developed many libraries and other tutorials.

On the other hand, Golang is not popular. It also supports the cross-platform runtime environment for the soother operating of the cross-platform app. This is one of the major factors of nodejs vs golang. 


Golang and Node JS are open sources and they have their communities fully engaged in improving the programming languages.

Node JS has a large community with plenty of developers ready to support it. Some of the active members of NodeJS are IBM, PayPal, Microsoft and Intel. Node JS has reached 82.1lk stars on GitHub.

The community of Golang is small and young. However, it is increasing day by day. As per the Golang Survey, there is about 59 per cent of participants desire to contribute to the community. There are 93K stars on Github. 

Every year, Google launched a GopherCon event to make Go developers gather. Here, developers from all over the world discuss and explore new opportunities.

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Go is faster than NodeJS. The C and C++ characteristics make it lightweight and fast. NodeJS is derivative.

Which one is more powerful for backend web development?

Go is a powerful solution than Node.js because it offers better computation, raw performance and scalability. It provides better error handling and can handle upto 1000 concurrent requests per second.


After deep diving into nodejs vs golang we can conclude that both languages have their differences. JavaScript is the most popular programing language as per the StackOverFlow. On the other hand, Golang is ranked among the top 5 most lovable programming languages. Website developers must choose the language as per the requirement.