Odoo 101: Newest Features in the Latest Odoo Version 13

//Odoo 101: Newest Features in the Latest Odoo Version 13

Odoo 101: Newest Features in the Latest Odoo Version 13

The motto of Odoo is fast, simple, and effective business management. Odoo is an open-source ERP software and growning faster as compared to other open-source ERP software models. Apart from that, Odoo is also a prominent and most favorite choice among business enterprises. And with the release of Odoo13, this open-source ERP has become all more fit and robust to meet the different needs of businesses. Odoo13 offers much better designs and customization.

Odoo is known to bring in major and minor improvements in the application.

While it also offers new features for improving the user interface and functionality for the Odoo developers with the release of every new version.

You might also know that Odoo is a Python app development framework, this simply means that you can make mobile apps using Python.

Features of Odoo13

Have a look at these latest features of Odoo13 and the improvements Odoo has brought in to the existing ones.

Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

Nowadays, it is very crucial to provide promotions, discounts or loyalty programs at your store. These things are important to make your customers come back and remain loyal to your business. Odoo has made it simple and easier to carry promotions and discounts at your stores with the release of Odoo13.

Earlier, the module ‘Sales Coupons and Promotion’ was only available with Odoo enterprise, but with the release Odoo13, this feature is now available in Odoo community as well.

MRP Subcontracting

Finally, Odoo13 has introduced all-new subcontracting for the bill of materials. Often companies outsource their manufacturing of certain parts of their product in order to achieve desired standards. This helps the companies to get value-added materials for their products. With the release of Odoo13, the businesses can seamlessly carry this practice via subcontracting features.

Skill Management Module

In this latest version of Odoo, the skill management module is the extended version of the Employee Module in Odoo. Employee skills are what make the company run and sustain in this competitive era. That is the reason why you would need a proper skill management tool that helps in tailoring employees, make them fit for the role in the organization.

This skill management module from Odoo13 will help in managing employee skills at the workplace along with managing resumes of your employees and help in conducting training sessions for the employees. While the structured approach of this skill management module in Odoo13 will help you in proper decision making pertaining to an employee or hiring a new batch of employees.

odoo 13 website form builder

Website Form Builder

In Odoo13, a module under Enterprise Edition has now become the part of Odoo Community. Although, this module doesn’t need much introduction, as it is very much used in the e-commerce business circles. The Website Form Builder from Odoo13 is well-known for its user-friendly interface and easy management such as creating various website forms, contact forms, and to collect customers’ information.

Product Videos on Website

product videos

Odoo13 for developers has a new range of feature that lets you add product videos onto the product pages in the Odoo website. This feature can help the users to present their product features in a better way. When compared to worded descriptions, visual representation of products can draw more attention. Moreover, the visual representation can lead to a higher conversion rate on your website.

Inventory Forecast

With the launch of the new Odoo13, one can simply look at the chart and understand the number of various products on any given date. Along with that, users can aware of the incoming and outgoing stock.

Ribbon Widget

The new Odoo13 features a ribbon widget with which users can get easily the status of the invoice.

Calculator Widget

Along with ribbon widget, Odoo13 also features a calculator widget that works for order lines on the invoices, sales order, purchase order, and so forth. This calculator widget also helps in performing arithmetic operations in invoices or purchase orders.


In short, Odoo13 is far much better than Odoo12 as it has a wide range of new features that were missing in the older versions of Odoo. This means Odoo13 will play a great role in making better Python applications along with simplifying the lives of Odoo developers.

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