Case Study

One Degree

This application enables users to find and access the community resources in the Bay area and Los Angeles countries for food, health, education and housing.

Project Abstract

One degree is a non-profit that provides free online tools. This simplifies the process of finding and accessing the community resources for the users of the Bay area and Los Angeles countries. Using this mobile application any user could easily reach resources of the desired category like food, health, housing, education etc. This will help to gain all the required information of a particular resource in the region. The core objective was to provide convenience to the user, where he or she could save resources and track the progress for the same. With just a few taps, an individual could gain insight into the service that is part of the day to day life.

More Details

Category: Health & Fitness

Platform: Android and iPhone/iPad

Language support: English and Spanish

Technology used: Android Studio/JAVA | jQuery| MySQL | Moment JS

About The Clients Requirement

The basic requirement of the client was to make this application easily accessible for the consumer. As the application was about accessing resources, there is a need for the integration of community resources to make the application quite useful. Additionally, the challenge was to offer up to date information about the resources. The integration of the GPS setting was also a part of this app development to track the exact location of the resource. The client wants to integrate all those features that commit to providing maximum benefit to the user.

Our Challenges

Our developers faced several challenges while developing the app.

Solution We Provide

After a deep analysis of the client’s requirements, our development team came into action. The main motto of the team is to follow a high-grade app development process that comes out clean on the client’s requirements. Later on, the team works on various aspects to curve the application into an outstanding platform. Some of the features are as follows:

User profile: This section enables the user to sign up and make the profile. Once the profile is established, all the basic details of the user will be stored in the app. Later on, the user needs to only login using a phone number/email ID and password.

Find the resource: This feature enables the user to meet with the required resource. This has been made in taking consideration of all the categories like health, employment service, food etc. That means a user could fetch the details of the desired category in the search bar. Additionally, with the filter option, the search can be made narrow. In that also, the basic need is to provide the latest data to the consumer.

Accessing resources: Once find the resources; it is now to make them accessible. We used several technologies behind this concept to let the user reach the desired resource.

Save resources: The one degree account allows the user to save resources. Along with that, it allows to save searches, update the user’s status and keep track of services. Ultimately, save the time of the user.

Share resource: Sharing option is additionally provided in the app. A user could share the resource with any other person. This will help to make the process simpler and save the time of the other user.

Apart from all this we also put efforts into the designing part. As the business model was frequently changing, we kept a bond with clients and worked accordingly. We integrate some of the best frameworks in the development process to make high-grade applications. Along with the Android app development phase, the iOS app development phase was also part of our project.

Final Outcome

The client was in absolute awe of the responsiveness and the ability portrayed by the Latitude Technolabs development team regarding the time taken to develop this astonishing app. The team of this leading development company carefully listened, listed, and implemented all of the features that the client desired in the One Degree App. In addition, the client’s feedback upon the quality of the app and customer service is encouraging. 



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