Python vs Other Languages: What's the Difference?

Python is a popular programming language that is rich in good characteristics like readability, simplicity and versatility. It has gained significant popularity in recent years and has become one of the top choices for both beginner programmers and experienced developers. While Python has its strengths, it’s important to consider other programming languages as well. Every language has its own features and roles in the software development project. 

However, Python is dominating the market and offers various advantages over the other programming languages. Here we will cover the comparison between Python and some other popular programming languages. Before going ahead lets first understand about Python.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is mainly used for building web applications, website design and AI. It is object oriented high level language with semantics. 

Python provides a wide range of built-in data types, such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples, as well as extensive libraries and frameworks for various purposes. That’s why it is suitable for web development, scientific computing and artificial intelligence.

Where Python is used?

Python language is mainly useful in the web, desktop and mobile applications. Moreover, it is also useful in areas mentioned below.

  • Data Science
  • Scripting
  • Quick prototype
  • Database Programming
  • Web app development
  • Artificial Intelligence
Python vs other languages

Python vs Other Languages: Similarities and Differences:

Python vs Golang

  • Both Python and Node.js have extensive ecosystems with a wide range of libraries and frameworks.
  • Python is dynamically typed that allows variables to change types at runtime. On the other hand, Go is statically typed, requiring explicit type declarations and ensuring type safety at compile-time.
  • Golang has a small community as compared to Python that has large and established community.

High readability of both Python and Go:

Python developers can easily understand Golang because the design of both languages is the same. If we compare the guiding principles of Golang and Zen of Python we can observe that both languages minimize clutter and prioritize simplicity. 

Similarities between Python and Golang:

  • Go’s slices and maps resemble Python’s list and dicts. 
  • Enumerate in the Python functions as range in Golang

When to choose Python?

Python is mainly useful for website and software development. Moreover, it finds its application in task automation, data visualization, and data analysis.

When to choose Golang?

Golang is mainly useful for scalable servers and large software systems programming. It is also a good choice when there is no need for third-party dependencies and a faster development approach is in priority.

Which language is better? Python or Golang

Python is a good choice for web and data science. The performance of Golang is faster than Python because golang is a compiled and statically typed language. It is better to use both languages together.

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Python vs PHP

Difference between Python and PHP:

Python is an interpreted high level functional programming language and it is useful for web development and software development.

Python and PHP are two popular programming languages used for web development, among other things. While they share some similarities, they also have distinct features that make them suitable for different purposes. Here’s a comparison of Python and PHP.

Python has a clean and readable syntax, emphasizing code readability and simplicity. PHP’s syntax is inspired by C and Perl, and it tends to be more verbose and flexible.

PHP was specifically designed for web development, and it has a wide range of frameworks and libraries tailored for this purpose. Python also has frameworks like Django and Flask for web development, but it is more versatile and used in various domains beyond web development.

Similarities between Python and PHP:

  • Python and PHP both can run on different operating systems like MacOS, Windows, and Linux. 

  • Both languages are interpreted at runtime regardless of compilation.

  • There is a large community in both languages which helps in knowledge sharing and support to development. 

When to use PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is mainly useful for business applications and web development. Its high running speed and open-source tools make PHP an ideal language for web app development. 

When to use Python?

Python is useful when flexibility is required. When it is about PHP vs Python then you must choose Python when it is about data science and machine learning.

Python vs JavaScript

Difference between Python and JavaScript:

The comparison of JavaScript and Python is not so easy. The intention of designing both languages is for different outcomes. Ultimately, pointing out which one is better is quite difficult. 

JavaScript is a scripting language that is useful for creating interactive web pages. On the other hand, Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is built into the data structure. JavaScript is good for front-end programming. 

Python is good for backend and server-side scripting work but JavaScript is good for developing the frontend. 

JavaScript runs faster as compared to Python.

Python is easier to understand and maintain than JavaScript so it is better for data analytics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

Similarities between Python and JavaScript:

Python and JavaScript are both object-oriented. It is easy to define a class and create properties in that class. Both languages use variables and functions which don’t rely on the class definition.

When to choose JavaScript?

JavaScript support for valuable skills like functional, object-oriented, and imperative styles of programming. JS is also useful for building web applications that include real-time updates and interactive user interfaces. It is also good when there is a requirement of cross-platform app development. 

When to choose Python?

Python is significantly popular in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is also good when there is a requirement for web development.

Python vs Node JS:

Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript instead of a programming language like Python. Writing in Node.js means using the same language on the backend and frontend. 

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Python vs Node js similarities:

  • Python and Node.js can be used for server-side development, allowing developers to build web applications and APIs.
  • Both Nodejs and Python are cross-platform, meaning they can run on various operating systems like Windows and macOS.
  • Both Python and Node.js have extensive ecosystems with a wide range of libraries and frameworks.

When to use Python?

When compared with Node js, python is more suitable for back-end applications, machine learning, and numerical computation. Python always uses CPython as an interpreter.

When to use Node JS?

Node JS is mainly useful for backend applications. Moreover, it is also useful for server-side programming. Node Js also finds its application in servers like backend API services and typical websites.

Python vs C++

C++ is a close competitor of Python. There are less libraries in C++ as compared to Python but still, 22% of developers consider this language. 

Difference between Python and C++:

  • C++ is an excellent choice for cross-platform development whereas Python lacks in this scenario. It is mostly useful for desktop-based development only. 

  • Python offers a higher number of libraries than C++. Also, its syntax is easy to understand. 

  • C++ is a high-level and object-oriented programming language that enables you to do procedural programming. Python is a high level and general-purpose programming language useful for developing all types of projects.

Similarities between Python and C++:

  • Both languages are imperative languages with OOPS concepts. 
  • Python and C++ use ASCII characters.

When to choose Python?

Python provides a better option when the following factors are on your list. Fast development project and prototyping due to a seamless learning curve. Python can act as a general-purpose language and as a scripting language. Memory management due to the in-built garbage collection system.

When to choose C++?

  • High-performance speed need
  • Higher-level language and lower-level language use
  • Coding on structure based
  • Long term projects

Last words:

Here we end on Python vs Other Languages discussion. Every programming language has its own significance. However, Python offers many advantages over them. Its readability, simplicity, and an extensive standard library make it an ideal choice for programmers. Also, its unique features differentiate it from the other programming languages. This is why the demand to hire Python developers   is increasing in today’s scenario.