Three Women Leaders of Latitude Technolabs Who Make Things Happen

Women Empowerment is not just in our nation’s boundary but is on high priority in the world.. They have been blessed and possess God-gifted talents. In the IT industries, the contributions of Women are not a hidden thing from the world. From small startups to famous MNC companies, women’s role for the upliftment is open.

We, Latitude Technolabs, strongly believe in women empowerment. It is true that women are already empowered, we just need to support them and that’s exactly what we aim to do. Here, we are introducing you to our three women leaders of the Latitude family.

Also, we feel proud and feel lucky to be blessed with female employees who make things happen. Let’s get introduced to them.

Women Leaders of Latitude Technolabs

Monali Patel - PHP Developer Lead

Monali Patel Women Leader

Monali is one of the employees who has been a part of the Latitude family for a long time. Her hard work and diligence have given a good output in the organization’s progress. Being a good mother, she is also a good employee who plays a vital role in her family and working platform equally. Moreover, She was awarded the best performer certificate.

Working as a PHP developer, she possesses a good command of the PHP language. She handled many projects and brought the organization in the right direction.

Monali has played a good leadership role in her career. She loved to guide other colleagues and her juniors. She is always cool and the workload never changes her attitude and behaviour.

Company environment is a very good, Absolutely amazing place to work! Learned a lot and gained great experience! Would definitely recommend it for people who want to be bright and visible in their positions”.

Tina Advani - Business Analyst

Tina advani image women Leader

Tina is another person on the list here. One of the most dedicated employees who worked with multi-tasking skills. She never says NO to any work and puts forward the right result through her hard work. Latitude Technolabs awarded her the best performance certificate.

She possesses good quality work management. Being cool and stress-free even with a heavy workload is one of Tina’s greatest strengths. She handles clients very efficiently and represents the company from a good viewpoint.

Her leadership skills are also one of her strengths. She effectively guides others. Her explanations also bring fruitful results in work productivity. Her ideas and work management is awesome and always be highly appreciated.

“I joined the latitude family 1.7 years ago as a Business Analyst. I have learned many new things apart from what a BA does. The managers and team are very supportive and today what I have achieved is just because of Jay sir, he motivated me and gave me a chance to manage projects as well. So today I am managing multiple projects, making UI’s for projects and thanks to sir and managing the team for their support and believing in me”.

Priyanka Shah - Talent Acquisition Lead

Priyanka Shah women leader

Priyanka Joined Latitude Technolabs in the year 2022. Her journey itself is proof of dedication and hard work. She introduced the right persons to fill the manpower needs in the organization. She is one of the women employees who keep her work-life balance at the level. She also received the best performer certificate.

She has contributed a lot to bringing the organization to the next level. She is passionate about the work and gives 100% to her work. Priyanka is one of those employees who never keeps herself in her comfort working zone and accomplish works which are beyond the HR role. It makes her a multitasking performer.

As far as her leadership quality is considered, she always comes out clean in her mentorship. She likes to share her knowledge with her juniors. Her cool and calm nature makes her a good leader.

I am privileged to be a part of the Latitude family. It has given me every opportunity to explore new things, given me the authority to make decisions & given my contribution to its success. I learn new things every day here. An employee-friendly company where they have a people-first approach, every day making efforts to make the work culture even better. Thanks”.

Last Words:

Latitude always follows gender equality concepts. Also, it drives better outcomes. We also encourage the contribution of girls in the corporate sector. Women leaders are crucial and their leadership is equally important as that of man.

Discover our employees’ life at Latitude Technolabs and unlock our fun and facts.

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