Web App Development

We develop custom web applications to meet business challenges, promote growth, and achieve your business goals. We use adaptive web applications and keep the end-users in mind to simplify complex business workflows.

Professional Web App Development

Latitude Technolabs is a leading web development company in India that strives to provide its clients with smart web solutions at the most competitive price.

Steps to Hire Web Application Developer

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Our Bespoke Web Development Services

Explore our web development expertise, which spans all aspects of the digital web.

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Web App Development

As a mobile and web development firm, we have developed various web applications and collaborated with large and small projects. Latitude creates personalized mobile applications to help the company expand faster and deliver quality services using enterprise process management, automation, and fully scalable automated programs.

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E-Commerce Development

To be successful, e-commerce must extend beyond your store and integrate with CRM, business intelligence tools, A/B testing, marketing automation, accounting/ERP, and third-party APIs. Latitude takes a holistic approach to e-commerce development, assisting you with the entire technology and marketing stack.

Software Development

We are not limited to web creation. Our passionate team of developers with years of software development experience ensures that the final result is nothing short of a masterpiece. It creates a lot of sales and excitement in the industry due to its innovative architecture, familiarity, and high functional features such as multiple user support and communicating with inventory, accounting, and other programs.

SaaS CMS Application Development

Through our top SaaS applications development solutions, we assist businesses in developing high-quality niche-oriented content and rich web apps built on the most immersive CMS platform. We provide high-quality SaaS-based application development services to our customers, ensuring a high return on investment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Most of our writings have centred on implementing strategies for business units, with their unique customers, competitors, technologies, and workforces.

You should look for a reputable web development firm that possesses specific traits.

1) At least 5-10 years of experience in the relevant industry 

2) A proven track record of over 100 active websites.

3) A solid team of professional web developers

4) Pricing Transparency

The cost of hiring web app developers is similar to hiring mobile app developers. It varies according to the complexity of the project, time, market needs, and geography.

Online development services are classified into two categories: web back-end and web front-end of future apps. The web front-end includes all the components in which users interact and enables HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its frameworks (Angular, Vue.js). The server-side that deals with data, the web back-end, can be developed using Ruby and its frameworks (Ruby on Rails), PostgreSQL, Nginx, and AWS.

We have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy. We sign an agreement with our customers to ensure the security and protection of all company records and trade secrets upon their request.

Yes, you can recruit highly qualified and professional software developers from our web app development company. You can monitor the developers directly if you want, delegate tasks, and review the results. Alternatively, we are pleased to have a free Project Manager that will serve as your single point of contact when overseeing various developers on your behalf.