What are the Mobile Game App Development Cost Factors?

Mobile game app development is one of the most money-making ways. Many app developers love to make mobile game applications. However, the development cost is one of the major concerns in the project.

Many clients like to discuss the estimated expenditure on their project. Therefore, professionals must have a clear vision of the same. Many strands justify the game development cost estimation. In this article, we will share useful information on it.

mobile game app development cost factors

Some facts of mobile gaming market:

As per the report of Statista, the revenue for US mobile games has reached $18,250 million in the last year. It’s not only terminating here. It could reach $22,828 million in the next year.

  • There were around 2659.5 million mobile game players in the world. 
  • More than 72% of mobile device users like to play games on their mobile in the USA alone. 
  • The mobile game market in USA will grow more with innovation 
  • By 2024, the mobile gaming revenue will grow by 2.9%
  • In the year 2023, there will be 3 billion mobile players

Some of the factors that push better conversion rates are as follows:

  • Push notification features that help in conversions
  • All the information is saved for easy checkouts
  • There are device features like cameras.

What are the factors affecting the mobile game app development cost?


App platform is also one of the most crucial factors affecting the cost. Android games charge more than iOS platforms. Also, the popularity of android is more than iOS. The Apple gadgets administration and payment system are costly. The single platform development cost is cheaper than multiple-platform development.

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There are multilayer processes involved in mobile game design. You need to plan the game levels, target users and gameplay. Proper planning in the design is enough to terminate glitches and bugs.

UI/UX designers play a vital role in the design and development. The charges made by these professionals are according to their work and experience.

Categories and Genres:

There are numerous app categories and they are another costing factor. Whether you create a social gaming app, simulation app or casual gaming app, it will cost a lot.

Mini-Games: The mini-games and casual games do not require extraordinary skills. On the other hand, if you want to include cool graphics and extra features then consideration of budget should be there. It may cost around $20,000. 

Social games: Social games are those games that multiple users can play. It needs social media platforms as well. Developers can build these games with SDKs. $50,000 to $100,000 is the development cost for social games. 

Puzzle games: There is a requirement of proper planning and objective to develop such games. The development cost range for the puzzle game is $3000 to $10000. 

Card games: These games are popular in the world. It includes poker, spades and solitaire. $9000 to $100000 is the range for the development cost of card games. 

Role Play Games: One of the favourite game categories among players is role play games. $10,000 to $400000 is the development cost range for such games. 

AR/VR games:

The AR/VR mobile gaming apps are another most demanding game in the world. Depending on the features, the VR/AR development cost will range from $100000 to $4000000.

Game complexity:

The complexity of game development is one of the major factors that impact the cost of developing a mobile game. The simple and basic features of the application will make it budget-friendly. However, on the other hand, the complex features will make it expensive.

The cost of developing a mobile game will be proportional to the advanced features integration. Here is the tabular format to understand.

Mobile game Engine:

Game engines also justify the game development cost. It is because the mobile game depends solely on the engines. You can select the mobile game engine based on feature, type and category

What is the cost to develop a mobile game?

A mobile game app is either available on the Play store or the App store platform. $3000 is the average cost for the basic game and $1Bn+ will be the cost for complex games.

Let’s understand the cost in the table format:

Now let’s understand the monetization method after getting an idea of game app development cost estimation.

How can we monetize the game app?

In-App purchase: Many app developers use this monetization strategy. It adds those features to the app that are essential for users.

Subscription: Subscription is one of the easiest monetization methods. Users need to pay a particular amount every month. 

Advertising: Nobody likes an interruption in between game enjoyment. However, for the best monetization method, advertising is another method. Also, it compels users to go for the premium version. 

Freemium: At present, all the premium apps are available to the users in the free version. Users ask you to purchase the premium version once they start exploring the features. It is one of the common monetization methods that help users to understand the mobile game value.

Ways to Reduce Mobile Game App Development Costs:

Outsourcing: Outsourcing and hire mobile app developers from other locations that offer cost-effective service is always better. Southeastern countries like India offer budget-friendly development services. 

Planning: You must cover all the essential elements in the final app while creating the gaming app. You can take the suggestion that you receive the maximum voting. Good planning will be helpful for your better outcome. 

Cross-platform: Cross-platform is the best option when your application is not too large or has an AAA title game. It is good to include features in the app. Sometimes some features are only compatible with cross-platform.


Mobile game app development needs dedication, well planning and good teamwork. You must ensure that you get the best return on your investment. To accomplish this, you must connect with a reputed app development company.

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