Why does your Business need a Mobile eCommerce App?

The increasing demand for mobile compels professionals to become mobile-oriented. This is the reason eCommerce industries look for a mobile eCommerce app. The easy and effective way to reach the target audience is through the mobile apps incorporation.

As per the report, retail eCommerce sales reached $2.3 trillion in the year 2019. On the other hand, eCommerce can reach $3.5 trillion.

People prefer mobile phones to shop online, especially on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It accounts for 69% of the total sales.

Benefits of Mobile ecommerce app

What are the benefits of a mobile eCommerce app?

Brand Recognition:

Mobile apps make a strong connection between a brand and its customers. Here users share the links to their favorite sites. It is easy to integrate social media platforms into the application. This helps in discussing the products and services well. There are amazing opportunities to get push notifications on discounts and special offers.

Better Conversion Rate:

An eCommerce app brings higher conversion rates. It matters a lot for any business. If any professional wonders why an eCommerce mobile app is crucial? The simple answer will be to acquire higher conversion rates.

Some of the factors that push better conversion rates are as follows:

  • Push notification features that help in conversions
  • All the information is saved for easy checkouts
  • There are device features like cameras.

Loyal Customers:

Mobile apps are copies of websites but they are more optimized for better user engagement. Moreover, it also attracts new clients and new leads. Here, it is easy to purchase goods without any worry.

Here are the benefits of mobile shopping:

  • Loading time: Application pages always load fast as compared to web pages.
  • Mobility: Customers like to enjoy freedom without depending on the time and place.
  • Personalized content: You can save your shopping preferences and previous orders in the app.
  • Offline access: The best eCommerce app can provide basic functionality to the users. It can be even offline.

Detailed analysis:

It is easy to track the data and track the app. A Mobile eCommerce app makes it easy to monitor the user’s interaction. It helps in improving the marketing strategies. You can easily predict the users behavior through mobile functionality. You can use efficient promotional campaigns and advance marketing strategies.

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Time saving:

The bounce rate of websites gets worse with every second it takes to load. The mobile landing page takes up to 22 seconds to load. No user would like to wait much. If the page takes more than 3 seconds, they will surely leave the page.

Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than eCommerce websites. Mobile apps offer a seamless shopping experience to the users. Thus it saves time to a great extent.

Contactless Payment:

Now, cash payment has been replaced with card payment. However, most people prefer contactless payment which is more securable. The mobile app payment is one of the most secured, fastest and most convenient payment methods. The rise of mobile app payment was especially needed during the Covid outbreak.

How to develop an e-commerce mobile app?

It is not so easy to do custom development of native mobile solutions for eCommerce businesses. You must take the following concepts in mind to develop the application.


Design is a crucial part as It plays a vital role in paying attention when it is about. It is one of the best ways to make your users happy. The design should be pleasant. Whether it is an ecommerce android app or an iOS application, the design outlook should be stunning one.

Some of the best tips to create appealing app design are as follows:

Users always prefer simple navigation while dealing with the application. A complicated design could have a bad impact on the user experience.

Adding too many features can be another great issue. More the app is concise the better it would be. The application must perform that work which the user likes to have.

Provide Accessibility:

Keep it in mind, a good design in a mobile eCommerce app is always an accessible design. Besides focusing on the target audience, it is important to make the product available for all users.

Again a good design accessibility can cut down the negative emotions. It is better to start over when certain categories of people can’t use the product.

Learn from the other experiences:

Most of the successful apps will have similar features in their design. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it is about creating a new custom app. It is good to analyze the best practices of your competitors.

Every user expects to see those features which are familiar to them. Therefore, designers should keep it in mind and be careful about innovative ideas.

Be careful about selecting visual elements:

Most of the useful UX/UI design tips concern visual elements. It is because they facilitate the user engagement more.

Customer feedback testing:

Any smallest error can compel the user to delete the application. It happens when the design is not clear or unreadable. Therefore, one must test the solution constantly. The best thing is the taking of users feedback to get the loopholes.

What is the Mobile eCommerce Apps development Cost?

There are several factors on which mobile ecommerce app development cost depends on.

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Development cost:

  • Infrastructure
  • Developers, project managers and designers salary
  • Web services
  • Integration of social media

Additional costs:

  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Advertisement
The project complexity is also one of the major factors in the cost. The development cost ranges from $1,000 to $150,000 from simple iOS apps to complex one. So keep this concern in mind when you hire a mobile app developer.
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