What are the popular Backend Development Frameworks?

Web Frameworks help in developing interactive web apps for the backend and front ends. It helps in building necessary online platforms. 


There are plenty of Backend Development Frameworks available. They cut down the developer’s efforts and also save time. However, professionals get confused with the justification of the right framework.

What is backend framework?

A backend or the server-side framework is the modules library that helps in developing the website architecture. It can affect the web applications’ performance and can justify the project’s success. It makes the developer’s work easy and convenient.

The frameworks focus on scripting languages like JavaScript, Ruby and Node.js.

Back end development framework

What are the most popular Backend Development Frameworks?


It is an open-source MVC framework and written in the PHP language. Distributed under the MIT license, it maintains the available code on GitHub. Some of the Laravel features are as follows.

It offers many ways of using the relational database alongside deployment services.

  • It’s simple API works seamlessly with the SwiftMailer library.
  • Authentication is very easy because of its simple configuration.
  • The Laravel project features a pre-configured exception and an error management.
  • It also assists Memcached and other popular cache backends.


Flask is one of the popular backend frameworks written in Python. It is a micro web framework and does not need any kind of particular libraries and tools.

It has no form validation, database abstraction layer or any other components. But flask supports extensions which can add application features.

It is one of the Python-based web app frameworks that create modern web applications. It is the WSGI framework that does not use a browser but runs on the webserver.

According to the Jetbrains report, about 46% of Python developers like to choose Flask.

  • Flask is very good for developing scalable apps.
  • It is easy to learn due to well-documented and un-opinionated framework.
  • Flask is a good choice to try new features for web development.


Django is one of the best Python-based web frameworks, and it is open-source. It is a free solution that helps in developing complex websites. Dropbox, Washington Post and Spotify are some of the best Django apps.

Django is one of the most demanding web development frameworks in the year 2021 in the StackOverflow developer survey. Django backend is now getting popular within the development world.

  • Django based applications are easy to optimize and also SEO friendly.
  • It enables developers to use several elements.
  • There is a wide community with over 2000 developers.
  • It also gives the scope to develop all types of websites and news websites.
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Express.js is an adaptable and lightweight Node.js web. It offers a set of functions for mobile applications. Developers use this MEAN stack backend framework for building APIs and online apps.

Big companies like MySpace, Accenture, Uber etc. use Express.js for web development.

  • Express help in scaling your web app faster. You can currently scale your app with additional resources.
  • There is no need to hire many developers to handle the front end and backend of the web app. As it is a full stack JS framework.
  • There is a vast community support in the express.js.

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails come in the list of popular backend frameworks. It is open-source software so it is free to use. About 5000+ people contributed code to rails. It encourages developers to use patterns like DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and MVC (Model View Controller).

It also includes Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for building dynamic apps.

  • RoR includes a combined automated testing feature because it contains test-driven techniques.
  • It saves a lot of time by making the task easy. It also helps you in achieving your goal quicker.
  • RoR help to generate great code that targets the precise output.

Gin Gonic:

It is one of the best Golang frameworks which are popular for creating high performing APIs. It is the perfect tool for creating the high-performing REST APIs.

It boasts a martini like API. This framework ensure about the better productivity and performance.

  • Gin offers Radix tree-based routing and a small memory footprint.
  • There is a flexible method of gathering all errors which occur at the time of an HTTP request.
  • It is easy to create new middleware.


About 20% of the backend web developer’s use ASP.NET Core in the last year. ASP.NET core was disclosed in the year 2016. Thus, the technology gets into a flagship framework of the Microsoft brand.

  • It reduces the line of code for complex apps.
  • HTML and ASP code both combine used for generating the dynamic web pages
  • NET is also deploying easily because of the in-built configuration information.


CakePHP is a PHP framework which is based on the concepts of the Ruby on Rails framework. It also follows the MVC architecture. It handles the components like cookies, email, sessions, security and request.

Encompass Laravel, Symfony PHP framework, Yii PHP framework and Cake PHP are some of the famous PHP frameworks.

  • MVC model supportable
  • There is an open source framework for the web development
  • Following the built in validation model
  • Sessions, cookies and email are handled easily in Cake PHP
  • There is an inbuilt templating Engine
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How to choose the right backend framework?

There are plenty backend frameworks available with their merits and demerits. Choosing the right Backend Development Frameworks is all depending on your projects requirements. Product vision, company target and user demands are another factors.