What are the React SEO Strategies?

React is gaining popularity to build attractive web pages in fast and efficient ways. Many popular companies like Facebook and Twitter integrate it. It is the best technique to make great web pages with a seamless user experience. However, React SEO is a big challenge.

React offers many benefits but on the other hand, it has its limitations with SEO. It can create an issue when the website is built for traffic purposes.

Thanks to ready-made solutions provided by React to overcome this problem.

Crawling and indexing of web pages:

Google gets about 90% of all the online searches. Let us explain the process through the diagram.

Search Engine Crawling Process
  • Any Googlebot always maintains a crawl queue. It contains the entire URLs that need to be indexed in the future.
  • Googlebot determines if it needs to fetch and execute the JavaScript to render the content.
  • Any processing unit will extract the entire URLs <a> tags which are mentioned on the webpage.
  • Content is also added to Google’s index.

What is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization?

The major purpose of SEO is to improve the website’s position on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It increases the website visibility on the search of a particular keyword by the user.

Search engines determine the website ranking by using web crawlers. Any web crawler visits the web page and analyzes them based on specific criteria. The significance of SEO is the same for React websites.

What's wrong with Single Page Application Optimization?

Any single page app loads the page on the client side. The page is an empty container with no content. Therefore, JavaScript pushes the content to the container.

<html lang=”en”>
<title>React App</Title>
<noscript>You need to enable JavaScript to run this app</nonscript>
<div id=”root”></div>
<script src=”/static/js/bundle.js”></script>

SPA always needs a browser for running the script. This enables the dynamically loading of the content to the web page. When the crawler visits the website, it sees no content. Therefore, the page is not indexed.

Later on, Google announced that the bots will inspect the CSS and JavaScript. It enables them to understand and render web pages like a browser. However, SEO optimization was still the problem. As a result, react SEO is not upto the mark.

Limited Crawling budget:

Crawling budget is the maximum number of website pages that crawler can process in a particular time. When the time is over, the bot stops crawling the site.

Long delay:

Crawlers need to revisit the page when the content on the page frequently updates. But, indexing can be done a week later after the content update. The Google Web Rendering Service gets an entry here. It fetches the data from APIs and runs the javascript code. After that only, it is capable of sending data to Google’s server.

There should be a clear distinction between the processing stage. It parses the Renderer stage and HTML that executes the JavaScript.

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What are the general React SEO challenges?

Empty First Pass Content:

The React Applications depend on JavaScript, as a result, there is a struggle with Search Engines. The main reason is the app shell model which is employed by React. There is no meaningful content in the HTML.

Therefore, when the search engine crawls the page, initially it finds no meaningful content. Rendering is the only method through which Google can see the content.

Page Metadata:

Meta tags enable social media sites to represent titles, thumbnails and descriptions. It does not perform JavaScript. React renders every meta tag and content.


Sitemap file contains all the details like video, pages and other forks of the website. Any search engine reads this file to crawl the website. There is no inbuilt method to create a sitemap in react. Therefore, you need to create a sitemap through some tools.

Loading time and User Experience:

Fetching, execution and parsing JavaScript consume time. JavaScript requires making network calls to get the content. Google already flourished the set of web vitals regarding the user experience.

Google has introduced vital web terms to evaluate page speed. The longer loading time affects the user experience. Google gives a lower ranking to such pages.

Absence of Dynamic SEO tags:

SPAs always load the information in the dynamic process. When the crawler clicks on a certain link. Hare, the metadata cannot be refreshed at all. This is the reason why crawlers cannot show the SPA. Creating the individual pages enhances the business expenses.

How to make React Applications SEO-friendly?

React SEO Strategies


The main use of Prerendering is when search bots fail to render the web pages. Pretenders limit the requests to the website. The prerender sends a cached static HTML version to your site if the request is from a crawler.

Isomorphic React:

The Isomorphic JavaScript Technology automatically detects whether the JavaScript on the server side is enabled or not. Isomorphic JavaScript works on the server side. Once the page starts to load, the entire attribute and content are available easily. The javascript performs like a dynamic app once it is enabled. This is one of the major React SEO friendly practices.

Server-side rendering: Fetch HTML files with Entire Content:

If you want to build a React Web app, then you should be familiar with client-side rendering and server-side rendering.

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Best React SEO practices:

React SEO practices

URL Case:

If the URL contains lower or upper case then Google will consider certain pages as separate pages.

To overcome this situation, it is better to keep all URLs in lower case.

React Helmet:

Metadata is one of the most important components of SEO. The same is important when it comes to React SEO. It should pop up on the source code. It is not a good practice to keep the title and description in the same structure.

404 Error Code:

It is a common error in all the defective pages. In such a situation it is better to set up a file in route.js and server.js.


The best practice is to specify the on-page images with “img src.” Images show up in its tool without any complications.

The main problem can be with the integration of CSS background with React.


Lazyload is good for exploring the website fast. Also, it creates a good page speed score on Google. It is also an important component there React SEO Google.

More SEO considerations:

  • Using a robots.txt file can be quite helpful for search engines on how to crawl the website.
  • An optimal URL structure is always good to give an idea of what to do with the page.
  • Using CDN can serve all the statics assets like JS, CSS and Fonts

Last words

React is gaining popularity and most companies hire React Developers. It is a good technology in the development sector. However, React SEO is a big challenge. There are many other advanced technologies like trisomorphic rendering, server rendering and dynamic rendering which are points of discussion.
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