What is the Difference Between React js and React Native?

The difference between React js and React Native is about its usage. React Native is useful for building Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps, whereas reactjs is useful for web page development in the web browsers.

The react js vs react native debate does not end here only. However, before going into the details, let’s define React js and React Native.

What is Reactjs?

React js is defined as an open source JavaScript library which is front-end and server supporter. Its use is to create user interfaces for websites and mobile applications.

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What are the advantages of React JS?

Component-based architecture:

The component-based architecture of Reactjs brings the reusability of the components. The outcome is time-saving. This architecture takes individual pieces of a massive user interface. Later on, they convert them into self-sustaining microsystems. 

The major advantage of this concept is the reusing of only components that need some changes within the Adset Tab in Facebook Ads. The entire Facebook Ads UI will not be changed.

Reactjs accelerate the SEO:

ReactJs gives a power boost to SEO, thanks to its server-side rendering concept. The content caching becomes fast when the search engine bot visits the server which has rendered the content before. The ultimate effect is fruitful because of the user experience refinement.

Huge ecosystem of Developer Tools:

There is a large developer community in Reactjs. They create a massive ecosystem of component libraries, tools and extensions for web browsers and code editors. 

Reactjs is ideal for creating innovative path-breaking websites and apps. Thanks to its huge community of experts.

What is React Native?

React Native is defined as a cross-platform mobile framework. It uses Reactjs for developing apps and websites. It also compiles native app components. That means developers can make mobile apps that can run on different platforms like Android, Windows and iOS.

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What are the advantages of React Native?

Code Reusability:

The biggest advantage of the React Native development is code reusability. It means no need to develop a separate mobile app for Android and iPhone. Using a single code you can develop about 90% of the framework. It saves time and cost.

Less development time due to the hot reloading feature:

The hot reloading feature in React JS cuts down the development time. This feature also enables developers to reload the mobile app automatically. Hence, the development process gets fast.

Ready-made UI libraries for a great UI experience:

The component UI libraries are present in the React Native ecosystem. Its main use is the smooth UI experience. Jest, Enzyme, Chai and Mocha are some of the libraries that help to write bug free code. Expo is handy to monitor the application progress.  

React js and React Native: The drawbacks and limitations:

Reactjs Limitations:

Learning curve: Learning ReactJS can take more time to learn. In comparison to that, React native is easy to learn. Finally, it can be an issue for new developers who are building an app using Reactjs. 

Overhead cost and Time: There is a necessity to download another react-enabled library. Ultimately, it hikes cost and time overheads. 

Long data hierarchy: The data navigation is complicated and complex within Reactjs. Unlike other JS scripting tools, React JS does not support parallel data handling.

React Native Limitations:

Loosely held abstraction layer: Loosely held abstraction layer: React native is a loosely held framework where the programmers can get the tags like stylesheet, HTML etc.

More time to initialize: React Native takes more time to initialize the device runtime. The main reason behind this concept is the JavaScript thread. 

Need a lot of native workarounds: If the specific functionality is not detected, then developers can either write the native module in Swift/Objective-C or urge any developer to write a new one. Thus, it increases the expenses and time overhead.

What are the main differences between React js and React native?

Reactjs is a JavaScript library through which programmers can implement high performing UI layers. On the other hand, React Native is an entire framework for developing cross-platform apps, iOS and Android. 

Reactjs is termed as a base derivative of React DOM for the web platform. However, React Native is a base derivative in itself. It means components alter, but the syntax and workflow remain the same. 

React native uses JSX for rendering UI but React js apps render HTML in UI. 

Reactjs is the best option if there is a need to build a high performing and responsive UI for web interfaces. React native is a good option for giving native feelings.

Difference between React Native and React js tabular form:

ReactjsReact Native
It was released in the year 2013 It was released in the year 2015
Reactjs is used for web app development React Native is used for the mobile app development.
It uses CSS and JavaScript Library for the animations. There are built-in animation libraries and stylesheets.
Executed on all the platforms Platform independent that takes more effort for execution on all platforms.
It uses HTML tags No use of HTML tags
Offers high security Low security in ReactJS comparison

What is the similarity between React js and React Native?

The basic similarity between React js and React Native is the lifecycle method that they share. The ReactXP project from Microsoft is the best example that allows a single codebase for both. 

Moreover, they share the same state, component architecture and prop. Redux is another best example of state management libraries in common.

Which is better: React Native or React js?

React js and React Native are crucial factors for application and web development. They are gaining popularity due to their flexible functionality and evolving ecosystem of libraries. Their decision of using depends on the project requirement.  React native is an ideal choice to give native feelings to the mobile app. Developer can use Reactjs is a good choice to develop apps with complex calculations and high functionality.
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