Why to consider Chatbots on Your Website?

It has been estimated from a recent survey that more than 60% of customer service will be done by digital or web self-serve channels. 

The chatbot will be the biggest contributor to this approach. It automates things and helps in serving visitors without any human interaction. Thus, it can serve visitors 24 hours.  

Here, we will cover the importance of chatbots. You will learn to know why chatbots are the necessary part of the website when it comes about customer centric approach.

What is chatbot?

A chatbot is a programmed chat interface that interacts with the websites visitors. They are designed and programmed to make a good conversation just like a human behaviour. Chatbots are helpful in getting the answer of every query.

What are the types of chatbots?

  • Simple chatbots

  • Advanced chatbots

Simple Chatbots:

Simple chatbots respond to the pre-written commands programmed by the developer. These kinds of bots are limited in their working domain. It will only respond corresponding to the specific keyword. If the query is out of those keywords then the bot will not understand it.

Advanced Chatbot:

Advanced chatbots are AI when communicating with online visitors. This allows them to get the communication and respond with multiple suggestions.

Why chatbots are important?

Chatbot can improve the lead generation. It asks questions throughout the journey and provides the information to create the lead.

They help in enhancing the sales and services with saving time and cut off extra efforts.  The virtual based assistance can handle multiple queries. Thus, it allows human to focus on other crucial tasks.  

Benefits of Chatbots

Why you must consider Chatbots in your website?

Reduction of Contact:

Chatbots are AI technology based technique. It helps in managing the large queries automatically and simultaneously. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyse the query and response with the relevant result.  The AI chatbot can help in giving the response quickly and effectively.

Chatbots Talk the Talk:

Chatbots are not human and they don’t have any emotional hang-ups. They allows customers to feel cool and calm. Also, they treats everyone equally with great attention. A chatbot represents your website and gives the superb customer service.

Chatbots make things better:

Bots offer a valuable customer support and in some case a dash of entertainment.  They can answer questions effectively. Bots never ignore anyone and give the answer promptly. They are like virtual assistant and recommendation that increase sales and profit.

Convert visitors into customers:

Chatbots make it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for.  They respond with lightning-fast speed and remove all misplaced leads. Bots can handle the qualification process.

Earlier, there was a long waiting for the response after submitting the form. Bots can easily schedule meetings and route the potential clients or members of the sales team. WebBots are capable enough to separate qualified leads from unqualified ones. It helps in eliminating the wasting of extra efforts and valuable time of the company.

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Chatbots build the brand trust:

Bots make a positive impression. It leads to a powerful relationship between the consumer and the brand. It educates the potential buyer about the products. 

Website Chatbots help in building brand personality in the market. It also ensures the right delivery of the answer along with correct grammar.

Available for your customers:

Chatbots give 24 x 7 real-time supports. Any professional doesn’t have to be worried about serving visitors during public holidays. A chatbot is self-sufficient because it relies on AI.

Organizations get the better client engagement. Bots improve first response time and boost response times. It helps in saving the support cost. The website support automation is a great time saver. It helps in handling the internal helpdesk support and also collecting the user feedback. 

Chatbots boost lead generation and sales:

Any chatbot supports both lead and new revenue generation activities. A chatbot in website is capable of capturing key contact information and qualify the same. The crucial information includes personal, search intent and preferences.

They make it easy for reaching the prospects. You can also use personalized messaging to engage customers. The Smartbot helps visitors to make their quick decision.

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Cut down expenses:

The chatbot cost will be fixed in the beginning. It will be significantly cost-effective as compared to the traditional customer service model. The major expenditure will be on staff training, infrastructure cost and salary.

What are the other benefits of chatbots?

  • Available every time
  • Helps in generating leads
  • Keeps visitors engaged on the website
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Cut down the live representative need

Challenges in using Chatbots:

Security: Most of the chatbots ask for confidential data from user. Therefore, developers must ensure about security and prevention of hackers.

New obstacles in technology: Chatbot technologies face many obstacles because it is still a new one. The AI enabled bots can easily learn from each interaction.

Different ways in which human talks: Chatbots can struggle to understand the variations. They way of human interaction will be different from human to human. Some of the chatbots might be unfriendly with these variations.

User satisfaction: Users expectation is all about better. Therefore, organizations must consistently improve the function. Therefore, all the organizations must ensure that users feel like they are talking to smart and reliable source.

Varieties of the way of typing message: Chatbot can handle both short and long sentences. It has to deal with chat bubbles with lengthy content and sometimes with short submission.

Chatbot Style: Sometimes users really don’t like to deal with answer machine. They like a bit interaction with some affects. They like to have some interesting features like gender selection in the interaction. Selecting the several manners of conversing might be another interesting concept for user.


Chatbots are crucial concept in the website. They help you in simplifying the process through an automation method. A chatbot is a crucial concept that website developer must consider in the project.

We have already covered the merits of chatbot in the above content so far. Adopting it will be quite beneficial for your brand growth.