What is a Landing Page optimization and Why is it Important?

A landing page optimization refers to improving every landing page element to hike the conversions. It means we take anecdotal evidence and data instead of redesigning the entire page.

Here you will collect the information before the page goes live. You will be able to survey the audience better in that also. It’s not like an overnight result for the perfect landing page. You need to make the changes even after making the page live.

Why use a Landing Page?

  • It focuses on short-term goals with a result oriented concept.
  • They divert customers’ focus on the specific service, product and offers.
  • It also boosts your credibility.
  • Landing pages should reinforce your brand, style, tone and copy.
Landing Page Optimization best practices

Best Landing Page Optimization Practices:

Simplify the Landing page:

Keeping a landing page very simple might not be good. However, you want your visitors to focus on the phone number and call to action. Your landing page should be simple and informative. It will also cut down the chances of confusion among your audiences as they get exactly what they want.

Keeping the important part above the fold:

The best example to explain this term is the traditional newspaper. The most important headline or anything to give a good reach should be above the fold. A similar concept applies to the landing page. All the crucial parts should be above the fold for better performance.

Keep Relevant Copies:

Keeping highly relevant content is another crucial part of landing page optimization. Your visitors should know what they are exactly getting in exchange for their contact information. You should make sure your audiences are gaining the right output from your website.

  • A clear headline
  • A clear CTA
  • A value proposition
  • An optimized form

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Capture Leads:

The average number of fields on the landing page form is 11. When it comes to forms, less is more. So it is better to reduce the form fields from 11 to 4 to capture the conversion by 120%.

Mobile friendly:

Most users will use the mobile-based, so you must be sure about the mobile responsive concept. Making your website mobile-friendly is the basic need of any website. It is also an important concept of SEO.

Focusing on landing page SEO:

SEO doesn’t care for landing pages used for a minor project. The use of SEO is important for long projects. They should be optimized well like any other page on the website. 

The simple strategy for the SEO landing page is as follows:

  • Use the keywords in the title, meta description and URL.
  • Use the semantics and keywords in the landing page content.

Reducing loading time of the page:

Page speed matters a lot for any website success. It is one of the most important factors in the user experience. There can be a high bounce rate and few conversions if the loading time is not upto the mark. It will be better when your page loads fast.

Call to action:

Pushing your visitors to take action is the major thing in landing page optimization. You must show the next step clearly to them. Instead of using common words or phrases, you can use attractive words to gain attention.

Here the role of the colour also matters a lot. Whenever you choose the text colour, it should be catchy and contrasting to the background colour. Like this, it will attract the visitors’ attention.

Get in the habit of A/B testing:

It’s good to consider the A/B testing of your landing page for your landing page optimization. You must test certain elements to check out which one is boosting your conversion rate. You can use heat maps to check how users are interacting with your page. Running the A/B testing without data is like a recipe for failure.

Never neglect Visual media:

Images on the landing page should be enough to create an emotional relationship with the visitors. This media can be a hero image in the header. Videos are also another great way to increase page engagement. Any relevant embedded video can hike the conversion by 86%.

Provide social proof:

Using reviews and testimonials from other users is good for landing page conversions. There is a building of brand trust when the user learns other businesses. 

How to design a landing page?

Most of the time, design means creativity, pretty pictures and colors. You need to use your right brain and left brain for building up a well designed landing page. There is still a need for attractive colors and imagery to convert your visitors.

Landing Page Colors:

The landing page design includes the colors and also reflects your website. Your main aim is to build up a long term relationship. It also means you need to become familiar with the unique styles and branding colors. Their trust will get deep with the brand.

Landing Page Layout:

Visitors don’t read every single word on your page. They only pick the important highlights. Therefore, it is crucial to make your highlights stand out so that anything doesn’t get missed out.

Landing Page Structure:

Most of the landing pages follow the simple structure. Here, too much creativity will not work. The best way to input creativity are branded images and elements. Any good landing page will have the five elements that are as follows:

  • Headlines
  • Lead form 
  • Relevant image
  • CTA
  • Copy and Description

Wrapping all:

You must perform landing page optimization with all care. Any professional website developer needs to take care of the above checklists. It is the best way to get more leads and sales. The landing page should always be the best page of your website.

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